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Specializing in Income Producing Properties

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Property Management – Expert Witness

Property Management

Principals Management Group (PMG) is a company that provides experienced assistance to the owners, or potential owners of income producing properties. 

Expert Witness

Mr. Kastes has a verifiable background as an “Expert Witness”. He offers a wide variety of services, which are not matched by anyone in his profession.

Why PMG? Longevity

That’s right, longevity. PMG has clients that we have been serving for over 35 years. That’s right! 35 years with the same management company. We’ve had clients longer than most property management businesses have been in existence. 

Initial Consultation Included

Even if you’re not a client we will help you with your questions. Property management and expert witness testimony is a complex business. Let us share with you our decades of experience and prove why our clients stay with us.